Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Knives are out for Brown

Well, first it was David Blunkett with a call for a return to Pre-Brown Britain
No surprise there really - he'd always been a critic.

Then there was Clarke with "ashamed to be a Labour MP"
Again, no surprise - but Clarke has been rumoured to be a possible leadership challenger, so he's worth watching.

Then there was "exodus talk" which was quickly dismissed, rapidly followed by Lord Ashdown claiming that Labour MPs were considering jumping ship.

Hazel Blears then came out with an article in the Guardian calling for a change in communication and "Youtube if you want to". Not so much a criticism of Brown, and she rightly says so, but it suggests that she's gearing up for something.
She must have known that the article would prompt speculation and rumours, but the actual content says otherwise - a clever piece of work, simultaneously putting her on both sides of the emerging pro-Brown vs. anti-Brown divide.

Prescott came out with a similar message to Blears', but with an altogether more supportive tone, also indicating that Labour was gearing up for the election campaign. He told Blunkett to stop complaining and get on the campaign trail.

Today, Alan Johnson has come out in full support of Brown, dismissing calls for him to replace him (he's by far the most popular Labour figure and the only one even remotely feared by the Conservatives). On the same programme, Ken Livingstone had called for Johnson to replace Brown.

Margaret Beckett and a number of other MPs also criticised Charles Clarke heavily, adding some criticism of Blears' article.

Interesting stuff's a'happening!

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