Friday, May 1, 2009

Facebook group over 200 members!

Although overall membership numbers of the SLP surpassed 250 a few weeks ago, it's only recently that our facebook group topped 200.
Very good stuff.
To give you some idea of how far we have to go in 6 years, when you break it down, it sounds pretty good.
Overall, 13 million votes to win a General Election (slightly less now, but hey - overestimated one factor, and about to underestimate another...)
Normal membership to vote ratio is about 60-ish, though the LibDems manage about 100, so let's assume that it's 100 (also because we have free membership and a decent set of appealing policies... if I do say so myself... if anything otherwise, we wouldn't have got this far already!)
So, that's 130,000 members needed in 6 years to actually WIN an election. Let me just repeat that - to form a government, we'd need about 130,000 members.
So, we're not even a year in, and we've got 250. Let's say that we'll have 300 by the end of the first year (likely to be much more seeing as growth accelerates, we haven't yet had a huge amount of publicity (which also increases proportional to membership), and membership is free).
So, we need roughly 22,000 members a year, for the next 6 years.
Seeing as membership accelerates, I'd say that this is really very achievable (ever the optimist!).
Oh, and the other big question? Are there really that many people out there ready to join a party? Errm DEFINITELY: current party membership of all the other parties put together comes to 0.2% of the population. 
We also know for a fact (through facebook advertising) that there are 500,000 self-describing liberals in the UK... and that's just on facebook. We can reach them. Easily. We've already started.

So, here's the start of Project 13 Million - to achieve 130,000 members in 6 years. 
...oh, and repost this please

...btw, these are very rough estimates. But it's a great aim to have, and a very achievable one at that!

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